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Connecting Alumni to Current Students

As an alumna or alumnus, you know the impact MUW has made on your life. As we look to the future, our alumni are in a unique position to give back to the next generation of leaders. 

The W’s Office of Career Services and the Office of Development and Alumni are excited to facilitate mentorship opportunities via Purple Briefcase. Purple Briefcase, better known as the Blue Line Briefcase Connection or BLBC, is a career development platform that creates opportunities for professional connections between current MUW students and alumni. As an alumna or alumnus, you can use this platform to share industry knowledge with students at various stages of career exploration, post employment positions (including jobs, internships, and fellowships), and indicate your interest in engaging with students via the mentorship platform. 

This mentorship program can have a big impact on students through the following opportunities:

  • Schedule a one-time student coaching conversation about tips to succeed in a challenging industry

  • Review a resume with a student who is preparing for an internship or job search

  • Conduct a practice interview with a student who wants to overcome his or her public speaking jitters

  • Connect a student who is passionate about working at your company to one of your hiring managers

  • Investing as a long-term mentor to provide professional support to a student pursuing his or her dreams


Step 1: Create a (Purple Briefcase) Blue Line Briefcase Account

  • You will create an account as an “Employer” because you are providing a service to students and not receiving a service from the college. Go to the BLBC registration page.

  • Fill out the information under the “Personal Account Information” hit the continue button

  • Fill out the information in the “Business Account Information” section. 

    (In the “Company Name” section, please list your current employer/company. If you are retired, simply type “retired” or “former _____ [educator/attorney/etc.].” You may use either your personal or your work contact information to register. Because this account is linked to you and not your employer, you may update it at any time.)


Step 2: Connect with MUW

  • On the My Schools page, select "Yes" for the question “Did the School Provide You with a School Code?”

  • Enter the code MUW308


Step 3: Create a Mentor Profile

  • Select the Be a Mentor tab (on the left side of the screen)

  • Fill out all fields on the page

  • Click “Submit.” The Office of Career Services will confirm your submission and publish your mentor profile for students to see!


What can I do as an MUW alumna or alumnus to assist current students with their career development?

  • Post a full-time or internship position on BLBC

  • Connect the Career Center with the hiring representative in your organization

  • Designate a portion of your giving to the Center for Career Development for programming


If you have questions about the mentor platform or are interested in using your experience to assist current MUW students in other ways, please reach out to the Career Center for more information at 662-329-7148. We look forward to collaborating with you in support of our future alumni.