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October 10, 2023

Dear 1983 Classmates,

Class of 1983 Homecoming 2023When we met in March of this year for our 40th reunion, scheduling did not allow us to sit down and meet as a class. We all had a grand time and caught up with several class members, but meeting as Golden Girls-to-be in ten years wasn’t on the agenda. So, to inform our classmates better, we are attempting get organized and get the message out. Bottom line — we have fewer than ten years to get it together before our 50th reunion.

Some have been donors to our Class of 1983 Scholarship Fund already. It was started in 2013, and so far we have 19 donors and have a little more than $22,500 in the account. These funds are managed by Merrill Lynch under the direction of the MUW Foundation, so they are being looked after with care. 

A few dedicated W sisters (Sylvia Starr and Ellen Sisson Adcock) agreed to jump on board and help out. To sum up our discussion:

What are our goals for Homecoming 2033?

#1 - Be the all-time highest participating Golden Girl class to give a class scholarship gift

#2 - Give the all-time highest donation from any prior Golden Girl class

#3 - Have an incredible turnout for our 50th reunion

How do we do that?  By getting the word out. 

We are actively recruiting members of our class to help spread that word. Please say “yes” if one of us reaches out to you to help us generate interest and giving.

Hopefully, you have received your postcard and seen our Visions advertisement which led you to this page! You will see more of this to come, and we soon will have a social media presence for our class to reach out and reconnect with classmates we haven’t seen in a while.

Why are we doing this?

Simple. Because it’s our time to leave a legacy. We were the last all female class at The W.  We were the last of the “good ole days.” We know where our education and years at The W led us and how The W shaped our lives. It’s time to pass it forward to a new generation and help future W students achieve their dreams.

How can you give?

The MUW Development Office has generously assisted us by printing our letters and cards and creating this webspace. There are several options to make it easy to give (see below). A few of us (including myself) use a monthly bank draft which makes it easy to accumulate a very nice gift without hurting the pocketbook too much. However you decide to give, make sure you include “Class of 1983 Scholarship” as the designation so your gift goes to our fund.

How else can you help? Keep in touch!

Attend MUW events such as Homecoming or your local alumni chapter meetings. Read your Visions and look for updates from us. We will let you know when our Facebook page becomes “live.” Reach out to old college friends more often. 

Appreciation never gets old. This project is a group project, and I appreciate all of you who are interested in helping this be a success. It is interesting that other future Golden Girl classes are starting to take notice of what we are doing, and I think we are going to have some healthy competition. 

Spread the word and long live the Long Blue Line!

Robin Kilpatrick


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